Countertop Water Filters

Countertop systems are the simplest water filter systems to install and maintain.

Most over the counter water filter systems are attached to the sink faucet, with the water fed through a filter to come out of the faucet on the filter device. To set this up takes just a couple of minutes and requires no tools or DIY skills. The maintenance of these systems is also really easy. The majority of them use just one filter that will need replaced every 3-12 months (depending on manufacturer- ask us about !).

By using more types of filter media they can reduce a wider range of harmful water pollutants from drinking water. They significantly improve the quality of water for the home, office, cottages, etc. They can, effectively, remove dirt, sand, rust, chlorine, chemicals, bad taste  & odors, etc. Depending on the cartridge inside, they can remove as well Asbestos, Arsenic, Heavy metals, Nitrates, Virus, etc (Ask us about). They provide clean water for drinking, cooking, etc. Changing the filter requires no tools either and is just a matter of twisting the housing off and snapping the new filter in.

At Hydragcom, we provide a wide range of devices (housings) and replacement  filters (Hydragcom, Omnipure, KX Matrikx, Pentek, PurePro, Crystal Quest, Aries, Geizer, etc!) for any special needs.

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