HS-Silver Shower Filter



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Purify your water, rejuvenate your skin, restore your hair's natural shine and luster and invigorate your lungs with Hydragcom’s Shower Filters and Bath Filters.

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Multi-Stage Combination Filter System for both Hot and Cold Showers. It removes Chlorine (more than 99%), heavy metals (about 99%), bacteria, fungi & algae, as well as sand, dirt, rust, bad odors, etc.

This HS-Silver Shower Filter uses:
-Sand Filter (Captures large sediment such sand & lime scale)
-Ultra -fine stainless steel mesh (Prevents medium sized sediment from entering the shower filter)
-Anti-Bacteria Carbon (removes chlorine and other impurities in lower water temperatures
- Prevents bacteria growth).
-KDF-55 (works particularly well in purifying the water at higher temperatures).
-Calcium Sulfite (is extremely effective at removing chlorine in both hot and cold temperatures).

No tools necessary - Install in seconds

Fits existing shower armInlet-Outlet: ½"
Dimensions: 8.6 × 8.6 × 12.4 Cm
Capacity: 10000 gallons (37800 lt) - Depends on the water quality