Profine Silver



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Profine Silver under sink, quick change, water filter.
It can be installed under sink to the cold tap, or with a separate faucet (not included).

More details

Profine Silver is a fine filtration for Water used in food. Get to the microfiltration. Where the action of dechlorination is safer due to the 0.5 micron filtration. Choose the SILVER Cartridge for your home tap with its  0.5 micron filtration with safer dechlorination action.

PROFINE® SILVER removes bad odors and off-tastes, reduces chlorine, and has a filter rating of 0.5 microns. The cartridge is of the disposable variety produced using. Profine® Carbon Block technology enriched with a silver additive to give the filter a bacteriostatic feature. Composite cartridge suitable for the treatment of drinking water in compliance with Directive 98/83/EC.

Easy installation and quick change filter without keys or technicians!