• Alkaline Water

    ph-balance.pngAlkaline water is water with a pH level greater than 7. According to this "theory", this water, extremely rich in minerals, combine to naturally reduce the body’s level of toxic acids, promotes a natural, restorative, alkaline environment, purge acid waste, fight ailments, reduces free radicals and improves the body’s overall health. Alkaline water is a natural, highly potent antioxidant (reducing the levels of acid present in the body). It quickly and effectively neutralizes disease causing free radicals in your body. It, also, helps to rid your body of the unwanted toxins. That’s why the alkaline water or ionized water can slow your body’s aging process, protect against potential health issues, and promote a naturally youthful appearance.

    The minerals that give to alkaline water an alkaline pH level, are ionized elements and carry an electrical charge. This negative electrical charge is called ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). Aging and disease occur when the cells are ravaged by oxidized elements and can’t regenerate or heal themselves. The alkaline water contains antioxidants and (because of the ionization process) is absorbed more easily by the body than antioxidant-rich food or supplements.

    Hydragcom’s Alkaline Antioxidant Water Systems carry this negative charge or "oxidation reduction potential" and when consumed, actively seeks out positively charged oxidizing elements in the body.

    Hydragcom’s Alkaline (Ionizers) water filters and systems, for countertop or undersink installation, slow down the aging process, cleanse the body of unwanted toxins improve the skin’s health, providing a continuous source of energy!


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