Industrial Pre-Filtration Systems

sakofiltro_wm The Industrial Prefilters are tasked to process large amounts of water. Commercial and Industrial pre-filtration is the process by which particles (or suspended solids, Iron, Silica, Organic material) and turbidity are removed from water or wastewater. The removal of sediment and other suspended particles is critical to the clean operation of any system in order to produce water that's acceptable for industries. Many different types of commercial filters can be used to remove suspended solids.  Sometimes only a single type of industrial filter is required to achieve the desired water quality.  In other cases, several different types of filters in a specific sequence may be required.bigblue_triple_wm

 Hydragcom has a number of pre-treatment solutions that are used to increase the lifespan, improve the performance of process equipment downstream and  help the water to be recycled or meet environmental disposal guidelines. These include Self-Cleaning Filters, Bag and cartridge filters, Sand filters, Dual-media filters, Multi-media filters, etc.

Hydragcom provides a wide range of industrial water filters and industrial water filtration systems for engineering-heavy industries. These filters can be used in the pre- treatment of: irrigation systems, snowing systems, heat exchangers, cooling circuits, boilers, machine tools, car washing, laundry, waste water, pre-treatment for reverse osmosis systems, food industries and many others.

Hydragcom has one of the widest range of filtration technologies available on the market to meet the specific needs of any relevant industry.