Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is a process through which we pass the water through a series of filters (sediment & carbon filters), a membrane and a postfilter to achieve a pure and healthy water. In the process of reverse osmosis water is forced across a membrane, leaving the impurities in it. The permeability of the membrane can be so small that practically all the impurities, the salt molecules, bacteria and viruses are separated from water. It is called semi-permeable membrane which contains pores, like any filter, molecular size. The pore size is so tiny that lets small molecules but not large (typically the size of microns). For example, passes the water molecules are small, but not the sugar, which are larger.

Most applications of osmosis comes from the ability to separate dissolved solutes actively using reverse osmosis semi-permeable membranes. Reverse osmosis (RO) has become today one of the most efficient to desalinate and purify water, being used on ships, airplanes, factories, hospitals and homes as part of our daily lives. The process of osmosis through semipermeable membranes was first observed in 1748 by a French Scientist, Jean Antoine Nollet, who noted that water spontaneously diffused through a pig bladder membrane into alcohol. Over 200 years later, a modification of this process known as reverse osmosis allows people throughout the world to affordably convert undesirable water into water that is virtually free of health or aesthetic contaminants. Reverse osmosis systems can be found providing treated water from the kitchen counter in a private residence to installations used in manned spacecraft. Reverse Osmosis is a technology that is found virutally anywhere pure water is needed.

Using a Hydragcom’s domestic reverse osmosis system, you enjoy:

  • Clean crystalline and tasteless ice without chlorine (and harmful chemicals) - will not alter the taste of your drinks

  • Coffees, teas & beverages more intense and aromatic flavor

  • Vegetables in all their properties

  • Cooking (pulses, etc) much more tender in less time

  • Ideal for preparing baby food

  • Avoid storing and transporting heavy bottles

  • Achieved significant economic savings

In Hydragcom, We can customize any reverse osmosis system according to your own special needs.

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