Car Wash Systems


The environmental protection is the most important topic for enterprises nowadays, specially the precious of water resources needs to treasure well. Hydragcom’sCar Wash Water Recycle System was developed because the enterprises need of the most economical way to recycle and re-use the waste water. Generally speaking, the car washer discharges the sewage which contains froth, wax, oil, silt and so on. The matters that don't dissolve in water (like silt), which can be removed by filtration. But for the matters that dissolves in water (like forth, wax) can't be filter away. The use of activated carbon adsorption has only small effect and also the cost excessively is high, non-economic efficiency.

Hydragcom’s Car Wash Water Recycle System has included with dosing systems appropriate for the waste water treatment, which can removes the matters of forth, wax, etc. from the sewage, and make them float on the surface of the skimmer to be collected to the dross tub, archived the goal of water purification.

Hydragcom’s Car Wash Water Recycle System has powerful function for waste water treatment. It is not only waste water recycling treatment for car washer, but it also has very good result in waste (sewage) water treatment for other applications. This system has been modulized, and built within water and electrical indicators and chemical dosing systems, True ALL-IN-ONE System. Easy for site installation, only need to plug the power source and In & Out water pipe.No matter your requirement- Hydragcom will assist in any capacity that you require!