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Hairdressers & Beauty Salon Water Filters

Beauty Salons & Hairdressers want to offer the very best for their customers!

1173123.jpg The tap water is full of chlorine. While this is good at killing bugs, it does not do any favours to your customer’s hair - or your staff's skin and respiratory. Chlorine water leaves hair bleached and / or feeling coarse. Regular exposure can cause brittle hair and dandruff. The chlorine also strips out colourants and affects tints.

Medical studies suggest that chlorine aggravates existing eczema or asthma. Perhaps this isn't surprising when you consider that the original use of chlorine was as a nerve gas for use in warfare. Since 50% of our daily chlorine exposure comes from showering, it is important to shower in clean, chlorine free, filtered water!


400gpd-ro.jpgAnother enemy for your hair and skin is the hard water. It should be noted that laboratory experiments have concluded that there was little appreciable difference in the tensile strength and elasticity of hairs after they were treated with hard and soft
water. Anecdotally, however, water with a high mineral content might make your hair feel drier and more brittle, which can contribute to hair loss. If this is your experience there are some steps you can take. Softening the water you use to wash your hair & body can help you have a healthy and strong head of hair and soft (baby) skin!eco-ws-1_hydragcom.jpg

In Hydragcom we can provide solutions with a wide range of water filtration systems for the effective removal of chlorine, heavy metals and hardness in hair salons, beauty salons, spa, hydromassages, etc at the lowest possible cost, considering the functionality, accessibility and aesthetics of the place.