Mist Cooling Systems


Misting systems work by forcing water via a high pressure pump and tubing through a brass and stainless steel mist nozzle that has an orifice of about 5 microns thereby producing a micro-fine mist. The water droplets that create the mist are so small that they instantly flash evaporate. Flash Evaporation can reduce the surrounding air temperature by as much as 35 °F (20 °C) in just seconds.
Water mist systems are economical and versatile. Are used for cooling, humidification, odor neutralization, dust abatement, and air filtration. Water mist systems are great for patios and outdoor seating areas in restaurants, resorts, or sports facilities. Greenhouses benefit greatly as well, and many consider misting units to be standard equipment that increases plant health and productivity. Also, industrial dust suppression may be accomplished effectively and economically in areas such as mines, grain silos, cement plants, rock quarries, etc.


Water mist systems begin with a high pressure pump and a spray nozzle designed to produce tiny water droplets that cool the air as they flash evaporate. Performance is enhanced by increasing the number of nozzles used and adjusting the water pressure. In drier climates, temperatures may be reduced by 30 degrees Fahrenheit without a noticeable increase in relative humidity.

Hard water is the water that has high-mineral content unlike soft water. It is formed when water seeps through limestone and chalk deposits which are made of magnesium carbonates and calcium. Hard water deposits not only clog nozzles and mister pumps that lower mist quality, causing a disrupted flow of water through the misting pump and out of the misting nozzles but they also result in costly breakdown of the equipment that handles this water flow.




Water filtration is critical to protect the misting pump and to prevent clogged nozzles in all high pressure misting systems. To ensure clean, safe and hygienically clean water for cooling and humidification systems, Hydragcom offers a complete range of water treatment and filtration systems, including sediment & phosphate cartridges, DI, RO and UV systems to eliminate inorganic contaminants, reduce dirt, and prevent scale and rust deposits from damaging tubing and brass nozzles.