Under Sink (Undercounter) Filters

The Under Sink (Under Counter) water filters are installed under counter and provide clean water though a separate faucet (we have many kinds of high quality faucets). Moreover we can connect a 3-way kitchen faucet (3 way faucet dispenses Hot, Cold and Filtered water via a 3rd lever).

A typical Under Counter System consists of a faucet that is installed near existing kitchen faucet, and typically a single, dual or triple housing with cartridge system that is installed under counter into a kitchen cabinet.

The Undersink Water System is then connected to the cold water line to deliver clean drinking water of great taste and high purity. This system can remove dirt, sand, Chlorine, bad taste & odor, Arsenic, Nitrates, Heavy Metals, Cysts, Virus (depends on the cartridge inside), etc.

We carry a variety of replacement cartridges such as Hydragcom, Omnipure, KX Matrikx, Pentek, PurePro,Crystal Quest, Aries, Nature Water, Geyzer and more.