In Line

The first small disposable, inline (carbon) filter was made in 1970s.

The In Line Filters eliminate the impurities of your home or offices water to offer great taste and pureness for your water-through-door refrigerator, ice machine, commercial coffee machine, water cooler, vending machine, laboratories and other water filtering uses, while effectively removing many contaminants from your water.

In line water filters are used directly on either the water line or appliance and help save space as a bulky filter head isn't required. Typically these filters are connected to a ¼ (or 3/8") inch, "plastic tube" hose without any additional tools or skills.

There are many different types of in line filters (sediment filters, taste & odor removal, Limescale inhibitor, increasing ph, ORP reduction, Far infrared, DI, mineralization and many others)  for every application.

In Hydragcom, we offer an extensive range of inline water filters to meet  any  domestic  and commercial needs.


  • Carbon
  • Sediment
  • Deionization In-Line...

    DI (deionized) water is the pure water with low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) or without TDS. It could be used in the variety of domestic and commercial applications, such as laboratory, electronics, car or window rinse, aquarium, etc.

    Hydragcom’s deionization (DI) cartridges are the best way to make DI water from tap water or RO filtered water through ion exchange process.
    They are filled with high purified nuclear grade ion exchange resin to deliver high purity water with minimum TDS background. Simply DI filter removes remaining of dissolved solids after RO system. Hydragcom DI In-line cartridges work without need of any additional housing.