In 1785, the Dutch chemist Martinus Van Marum was conducting experiments involving electrical sparking above water when he noticed an unusual smell, which he attributed to the electrical reactions, failing to realize that he had in fact created ozone.

Ozone (or trioxygen) is an inorganic molecule with the chemical formula O3. Ozone is a colorless gas that has an odor similar to the smell of the air after a major thunderstorm. Ozone is an unstable molecule which readily gives up one atom of oxygen providing a powerful oxidizing agent which is toxic to most waterborne organisms.


HC-30Med_OZONEThe Ozone can be artificially produced, by generators, so that it can be used for water treatment disinfection. The ozone generators can create ozone artificially by means of extremely high voltages or by means of UV-light. Both methods involve the decomposition of the oxygen molecule. This causes oxygen radical formation. These oxygen radicals can bind to oxygen molecules, forming ozone (O3).
It is an effective method to inactivate harmful protozoa that form cysts. It also works well against almost all other pathogens. Ozone is made by passing oxygen through ultraviolet light or a "cold" electrical discharge. To use ozone as a disinfectant, it must be created on-site and added to the water by bubble contact. Some of the advantages of ozone include the production of fewer dangerous by-products and the absence of taste and odor problems (in comparison to Chlorination). Another advantage of ozone is that it leaves no residual disinfectant in the water. In addition, the oxidizing properties can also reduce the concentration of iron, manganese, sulfur and reduce or eliminate taste and odor problems.  Ozone oxides the iron, manganese, and sulfur in the water to form insoluble metal oxides or elemental sulfur. These insoluble particles are then removed by post-filtration. However, although fewer by-products are formed by ozonation, it has been discovered that ozone reacts with bromide ions in water to produce concentrations of the suspected carcinogen bromated.

Hydragcom supplies ozone generators (Ozonators) for ozone disinfection applications including drinking water, cooling water, spas, swimming pools, aquaculture, pharmaceutical industries, waste water treatment and many others.

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